React Native Developer

Tampere, Helsinki | Full-time


Hey, Master of React Native, we want you to be our companion at the crest of a wave of mobile development!

We want to be a great companion for you, so we are ready to bribe you with various interesting projects, the best possible tools, and workmates, as well as with the opportunity to do your job in any way you like. In exchange, we hope you to use your expertise in React Native and React.js in our projects. It would also be absolutely brilliant if you knew something about JavaScript libraries, such as Redux, and mobile testing. 

The projects we boast about? Well, many of them are classified as *hush hush*, but to mention one, Hesburger app with over 1m downloads is our work. We cooperate with both local small start-ups, as well as with multinational listed companies, so you are not likely to get bored working here. You get to work closely with our customers, and for this reason, we hope you speak fluent Customer.  

To support your professional development, we provide you with outstanding tools and an encouraging working environment, and a merry gang of native iOS, Android, and other developers – top of their kind, of course – to collaborate with you. Check out Juha’s blog entry to get a better insight into our thoughts about the new winds of mobile development.

Why Vincit?

Here you can read more about what we have to offer and why Vincit is an excellent option for you to spend your working hours. 


Feel free to send us your application either in Finnish or English.


P.S. Please note that if you live abroad and want to work with us, we need you to have the necessary permits for working in Finland. 

P.P.S. Legal notice: Information you give will be stored and handled in an Amazon Web Services server, outside the EU. Read more about our privacy statement here.